TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping

TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 1 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 2 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 3 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 4 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 5 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping 6 TripleFarming v 3.1 GE Mapping

Here I have for you now TripleFarmingV3 Map

There is so much new that a take over and continue playing from the savegame is impossible.
Please read it here briefly , because you need certain mods so you can play the map at all!

New here are the buyable Obejekte such as the washing halls, diesel tanks , intermediate storage , all productions , etc.
Also new is an orchard with cherries , strawberries , plums , pears and apples for the new love of yogurt production , then you can dig on the map sand and gravel even with an excavator on the trailer at the stockyard there are 2 FermentingSilos etc. Find it itself out , which it still is new .

What do you absolutely need that you can also play with the new things the Map!
MapDoorTrigger ->–10MapBuyableObject -> -> http :/ / / mods / universalprocesskit
The TripleFarmingv3 ModPack -> Link comes yet ….

And here are links that I recommend to you :

Traffic Light Mod:–2
Bank of Hagenstett :
Liquid manure trailer :–2
Milk trailers :
Pigs and Rintertransporter :
Guarantor Water Trailer :

Here is a small , BIG tip that most people do not follow anyway , because almost no one reads far as …
Makes the map in eueren mod folder and nothing else , especially no scripts. Think up a few purely Fahreuge and first looks at how the map works and which scripts are already installed.
When someone writes again , the map is not , scripts , etc. … Then the error is up to you . I’ve played enough hours and I have to tell you … The map runs ! ! Without error ! !

Now I wish you Happy economies
Greetings GE mapping
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