New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR

New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR 1 New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR 2 New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR 3 New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR 4 New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR 5 New Holland TM150 V 1.0 MR

New Holland TM is the successor to the M/60-series. The appearance which barely changed at all, but the doors were now whole glass and the device control panel was new. The engine were a six-cylindered, 7.5 liter Ford turbo diesel, and what rated (ISO) at 147/2200 hp / rpm for the TM150. Lifting power of the TM150 were 8435kg, and it had the standard PTO speeds of 540, 750 and 1000th


Real Lights – You’ll need, it’s on the Internet
Manual Ignition
Cab and seat suspension
Animated Front Suspension
Indoor Sounds
Interactive Control
ESLimiter and Operating Hours
Dynamic Camera
Wheel Particles
Moving Interior Parts
Buyable dual wheels
Buyable front loader brackets – Stand next to the tractor at the shop and press ‘B’!
Real Lights – You’ll need, it’s on the Internet
Washable – BJR-Edition


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3D model JoXXer
Texture: JoXXer and AzoaX
Ingaming: JoXXer
Sounds: EddieVegas

JoXXer: BJR_DynamicCamera, BJR_ComfortSuspension, BJR_MovingPartsInterior, BJR_DriveGroundParticles, BJR_BuyableLoaderBrackets, BJR_DashboardIndicators, BJR_PivotingAxle as well as Modifications to most scripts
Facebook: Interactive Control, ControlPanelAttacher, ESLimiter and Operating Hours, Indoor sounds, Washable, BuyableWheels and Wipers
fruktor: Real Lights
model eicher: realExhaustParticleSystemV3
Templaer, Henly20, XENTRO: ManualIgnition

Special thanks to the BJR Modding test team:
EddieVegas, Marxtai, Dave_Boughen, Hitperson, theSeb, Wiliam, snapper, 07lthorne, Rustydog, Connor tindall, Jd boy 635, napalm, Oliwrighty, Russ and Superbrian91.
Without synthesis people this mod be nowhere near the quality it’s AT.

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