Multimap v 1.1 Holzbrikett Produktion

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Hi LS Fans

I want to introduce my map today.

It is the Multimap in beta version . It is a multi-fruit Map with all standart fruits, such as oats , millet, rye, poppy seeds, rice , spelled, soy , sunflower , peas , triticale, wheat Green , red cabbage, white cabbage , carrots, onions , cucumbers and tomatoes.

The map is mostly flat , with a few Erhebungen.Felder are purchasable .

The vehicles will set back , the PDA would have so stimmen.Es are 29 ads in PDA, not which is then excited.

In addition, production facilities for the manufacture of sugar , flour, beer , sausage , dairy and bakery products are installed on the map. From rape and sunflower biodiesel can werden.Dieser can be obtained at gas stations for money.

There is a large warehouse and logistics center to support the harvesting and production of goods and to the markets to verteilen.Es are 3 Edeka markets and an inn.

Also a gravel pit is present on the map, the bulk goods can be sold at the site werden.Die earth at the nursery.

The hops for the brewery you can buy at the port, but be careful at the beginning of the game when there is little money left ist.Der hop is teuer.Der beer sales pays for itself but still.

The map is built specifically for agriculture with great art, such as a logistics vans, only those who take long journeys purchase is at this map richtig.Ich that would play in multiplayer recommend , but who wants it can have only yes versuchen.Es yes not all the fields are ordered.

Therefore, there is also on this map no cows , sheep and chickens . But a pig and cattle fattening to the sausage production sure to stellen.Milch is still produced on a farm with cows not standart . You bring out silage and can get milk for it. Since these cattle throughout the year are out does not produce any dung and liquid manure, who needs it a lot else gets it at the Mastanlagen.Wer feeds animals can still go to the horse farm and bring food out there .

Then you can still at the small mill at the port, country store and at the distillery of his harvest rid of them.

Lots of bells and whistles is not installed , it must also still a lot going werden.Ich embellished on the landscape set up a grill and a bench just not in front of each house , as you in the game anyway can not use and a lot of decoration much power nimmt.Wie already mentioned , it is a beta and there are not yet all things 100 % complete .

Planned things for the next version :

less sales to the kerbside

something more natural , other textures

beautify the land may be somewhat more

Fields slightly hillier

for the future: In the logistics warehouse pallets are stored with the load and be sent können.Verladung with fork lift truck. The function tests for this are already successful.

First of all: Should the Commission come again what does that have to do with agriculture, we have building materials in the LS , such as the fire department Fans.Warum not , a barn can even burn times and also the farmer grows something. Now he produces things that go into the wide world and that too often a logistics trucks and a Lager.Wer does not want to please not only load to complain to , you can also only farmer on the map.

I’ve built the map for me and want to share with you , like in multiplayer .

Also, suggestions and requests from the comments I would like to be incorporated into the next version .

Mods you need for this map :–3 against rotting carrots / onions cucumber / tomato

Kühlzug for the production of goods , Mod of horschi97 of me was added only red and white cabbage and things that do not exist on the map taken out .

Now this sentence: It is not allowed to change the map and without the original link to reload here and on other forums or sites without my consent high.

There are no clearances for this map .

I would like to thank all the modders whose objects I have installed. Bummi for the submission of the empty multi-fruit Map . The Moonshine team without this great map would never have occurred to me the idea for a production. Marhu for the tips , all would enumerate here the frame sprengen.Es are but in the description I think all modders enumerated.

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