Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf

Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf 1 Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf 2 Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf 3 Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf 4 Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf 5 Monchwinkel v 4.2 Forst und Wirtschaftskreislauf

Version 4.0 MR forestry and economic cycle
Overview is presented as a PDF file in the package
The package must be unpacked since my map and the module for Multifruitmod are therein, and a manual in PDF format

Decay is On
who does not want to use the following mod:
The Forstmodgebäude on the Map If you are starting with the Fortsmod placed. Due to the unevenness of the map, this is certainly the better option. The map is so uneven that even the large ramps of the building that can not compensate.

Mandatory Required Mods:
Gründüngermod (with clover and alfalfa) Mod:
– MapDoorTrigger of VertexDezign
– Universal Process Kit

Optional Mods:
. – Slurry manure lime Mod V2.01 (to represent the zip file is required:
– Sunflowers, millet, oats, rye, and it is the Mod Multi Fruit V2 needed Mapmodul included–3
– Unkrautmod
Additional Built-Mods:
– Watermod
– Wool Pallet Collector
– Fermenting silo
– Cattle and pigs, both 2x and purchasable
– Mixing Station
Economic cycle:
There are to use several marketing chains.
– Cattle and Pigs -> Meat -> Sales in net
– Milk (only from the dairy) -> cheese -> Sales in net
– Flour -> Bakery -> Sales in net
– Beer -> History in the net and land trade
It is the following trailer requires that conveys everything (even the milk!)
another milk trailer does not work!
a a
Purchasable items:
– Fermenting silo on the farm
– Cattle
– Pig
– Hofsiloanlage
– Potato and beet stock on the farm
– 6 meadows
– Forest areas (existing trees will be removed)
– LPG access in the southeast of the map
– Mixing Station
– Ball Warehouse
– Water abstraction rights of the community

For Map:
Because of the terrain, which Google Earth has as a basis, the waterplane is inclined. This meant that I could not original obstruct water and you can now go through the water. With the original water half the map would have “been under water”
In any case there 4 water trigger marked and signposted. There you can get free water for the greenhouses.
This is a replica of the village Mönchwinkel in the Brandenburg region Oder-Spree. The actual region consists of many forests, which have been replaced here for the game purpose through fields and in-game buildings. There is a filling station and the standard outlets. At the country store you can sell your eggs. Straw and grass can you also unload the land trade.
– Horseshoe available – are now all in their owners;)
– Box purchase as shown on the standard map
– More angle for the helper

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