Merano V 2.5

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The New V3 Da.

With the pigs and more!


A place surrounded by mountains so peaceful and beautiful, just the farmer has not been much auserhalb gehsehn.

He must always work because even with volunteers, it is difficult to get the money to buy the 30 fields

This is a map of LS11 me out much the same, much has changed.

On the map it git cattle and sheep horses cows chickens pigs There are some points of sale and more! One should look at the time because it is not in vain heist game fun voltage.

This map is without Logfehler

It was released on Kuhof and otherwise for placeable Obiekte PLACE

The Genemigungen for the scripts is available!


There are 3 different Grässer available but can be mowed the grass with yellow and the red flowered NOT can be mowed or GERUBERT remains the grass on field boundaries with the whites always flourished because

The ROT is OFF

You need a new player status because too much has changed!


The pig farm was built by Mahur

Maschinnehale with roller doors truckwash on the farm butcher for the pigs next to W3 And a little greenery

Caution In the PDA is 1,000,000 price for hogs but for 1000 Scweine 1 pig = 1000 € at 500 easily in medium 250 with hard

There is a new BGA

A small village with marketplace for sale

6 New fruits Haffer onions carrots rice Rohtkohl Weis carbon

2 for rice fields were specially set under water

I myself can be sold (see markers on the ground)

The Wassermod was Inserted

The PDA displays all levels in the silos

Sadgut on court Kuhof + + nursery + Train + Country

Resellers are!

Railway station



Sugar factory


Rape Factory

Nursery manure manure grass

Country trade


Spinning wool



Cattle grass and hay where do you get the double than usual


And straw bales for sale

The milk truck and the traffic also runs

You have 6 fields PDA see large numbers and Wiese 3-4-in gekenzeichnet PDA with W3 W4 In

PDA also include the prices of the fields

There are meadows and 2 28Felder have to buy them prices are 220000-1700000 converted is 1ha = 100,000

There is 1 Haubthof where they can unload and grass hay and straw which then can easily endnehmen the cow horse pig Rinderhof.

I want to thank all the parts I have installed!

Special thanks goes to Wolfgang and Dietmar Dhund Tomas for testing

See for yourself what you could do more.

Any suggestions as always to me via PN – will try to fulfill all when it comes.

MFG Walter

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