paxton-united-v1-5_1 paxton-united-v1-5_2 paxton-united-v1-5_3 paxton-united-v1-5_4

Welcome to the United Paxton Map!
The map is developed and recommended for better computers. Making this map was a challenge. Version 1.5 is the first and the last one. For any errors found we are very sorry. The only error now is when you finish the game so want to leave it Should not be a problem.
Map May not look extremly beautiful but we added to it a lot of things.
Opening the door (Needed MapDoorTrigger)
Guelle crap Mod (Mod Needed)
Alternative Tipping (Needed Mod)
Animal Water Mod

On the map is of course developed village, all the animals, traffic cars, small BGA and all the triggers …
Thanks for Pautrax for starting this project. Next map HAS BEEN completed by: ExtremeBB (me), JDFan
The log is clean! Error free!
Keep our download link!

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