minnesota-map-v2-0_1 minnesota-map-v2-0_2 minnesota-map-v2-0_3 minnesota-map-v2-0_4 minnesota-map-v2-0_5 minnesota-map-v2-0_12

This is a map did Me and jstewart_321 worked on just for fun and it is baised off a real place in Minnesota alongwith some made up parts along the way. Notice this is only V1: because not everything is perfect. Please respect our work of trying: because this thing built just for fun with about 18 hours of work into it … This is a decent sized map wit fields and has 3 planted off the bat Maize, Wheat, and potaoes. So This map includes the watermod for cows and pigs aswell Has alongwith auction house to start when you finish you start with nothing so this map is Mainly for mods!

You june upload to other sites just be sure to have the same credits as listed here ~ Bobcat70 aka Fsfarmer11

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