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Bantikow Reloaded 2014
by TLS ModdingAndiScaniaMoppel Agricultural Service Möller
You can expect a natural landscape in an idyllic location, a village in the East Prignitz, a place where time stood still ist.Was has changed – New John Deere dealer New BGA changed fields – many upgrades (which in 20 years as modified) – Chopped straw mod installed as standard much more … Just allow your soul, between lakes and fields dangle something and enjoys playing the unique atmosphere of this Gegend.Ihr take over a former LPG which is fully functional and leads them into the modern Agrarwirtschaft.Übernehmt responsibility for the former employee, the animals and the Landschaft.Modernisiert the fleet and enjoy the workflow from seed to harvest.
The map has a few new features erweitert.Eine Pig has been added, the Me livestock system has moved and has been completely erneuert.Der country trade was a more appropriate old grain marketing ersetzt.Es many new farms were created, lanes more realistic, newly created some fields, it is a potato traders to come as a new outlet, the landscape was embellished with lots of little details and enriched by the new village “Tornow”, but let yourself be surprised ….. Features- slurry, manure and lime mod by Marhu / TMT Modding- Watermod by Marhu / TMT modding pig by Marhu / TMT modding fertilizer, Kalklager by Vertexdezign- MapDoorTrigger by Vertexdezign- scale by Alex2009- Kaufbares seed, fertilizer and lime Marhu- New silos at the Biogasanlage- New dealership Kartoffelhandel- New dairy plant – rotting field and buying off butcher in the village [/ size] Required Mods: -MapDoorTrigger by: http: // f = 72 & t = 29 slurry , manure, lime Mod: http: // vertexdezign .net / extensions / MapDoorTrigger / by Marhu: Chopped Straw Mod by webalizer
-Hw80 Fertilizer, lime and seed: front loader bucket fertilizer, lime and seed : http: // !!! Attention Uwaga-Attention !!!
!!! Please respect the intensive and time-consuming work in our mods by not provide it with the file under a different link on the Web to download .The Map may only be set with the original link in other forums !!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whose objects or scripts I have installed in the map, as well as to those who stood by me through their assistance and tests at any time aside!

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