Map Agro Frost V 1.0

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 1

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 2

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 3

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 4

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 5

Map Agro Frost V 1.0 6

Map Agro Frost V 1.0

Reissue of the original map when adapted to the new Farming Simulator 2013 was no more problems, failures and performance textures.
Now all that has been corrected.
Relocation of cattle, sheep and chickens cows with new itinerary.
– Added BGA plant farm with cows.
– Added Grainmill to one end of the road where you can sell all kinds of fruits, Pacas, Lana and upload directly to the train cars and the other end wool factory
– Added a river running through the map where you can get water anywhere.
– Added low-intensity lamps to not affect the performance around town.
– Added MOD of Herbs Malas.
– Added MOD solido.liquido Manure and Kal.
– Added multi textures for more realism.
– Added Original Dealer in old location map
– Added Silos and original stables LS 2013
– Added Settlers typical houses in my area that can buy together with the land
– Added New Roads and Textures
– Added area to accommodate mods Frostmod

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