Krone Big X 1000 Pack v 1.0

Krone Big X 1000 Pack v 1.0 1 Krone Big X 1000 Pack v 1.0 2 Krone Big X 1000 Pack v 1.0

A package consisting of the following devices:

Krone Big X 1000 Soucy Trac
Krone Big X 1000
Crown Cargo (thanks to bull gore and Repi for release)
Krone Easy Collect
Crown X Disc

Functions from the Krone Big X 1000 Soucy Trac and Krone Big X 1000:

Autocontour (soil adjustment of the cutter)
Animated Farmer
Tire dust
Lighting V31
Real Abgasparticle
IC control of: Cam and pipe
Digital RPM and speed displays in the interior
Hectare meters
Now operating helpers WITH trailer possible! The chopper needs but then a larger turning radius, see video
Passenger (for MP)
All-wheel (at the Soucy Trac version is on the permanent!)
Switchable dual tires Rear
Switchable dual tires Front (Only when the chopper wheel version!)
Functions from the crown EasyCollect:

Additional Cam’s to open and close (in conjunction with the IC Cam of the chopper.)
Functions of the Crown X disc:

Standard .. More than new fruits I could not spoil here. What else can I still install?
Functions from the crown Cargo:

Tire dust
Lighting V31
Bunker foldable. From a level of 35% of the bunker can no longer fold.

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