Kamaz 53212 V 1.0

Kamaz 53212 V 1.0 1 Kamaz 53212 V 1.0 2 Kamaz 53212 V 1.0 3 Kamaz 53212 V 1.0 4 Kamaz 53212 V 1.0 5 Kamaz 53212 V 1.0

Mods Management
F 6 turns on? light
1 2 3 turn on? Headings? Kiai
8 folds cabin
4 of 5 open side windows
ZX puts tilt
Modifications error: not notice already?
The modifications are:
Modifications by:
3D Models / Textures: Lexan, Bruiser, Coral
Cultures: Sanya1970
Edit: Coral
InGame: Coral
Mods assessment (multiple fillers): good car
MAPS: American map
Additional information:
Capacity 17.7t
Carries origin aka cult? Ras + pineapple, apples, artichokes, aubergines, sm? L?, Ring ladder? Stus, carrots, mushrooms, m? Lynes, Coal a cotton, cucumbers, peas? Ilipipirus, Tr? SAS gold,? , Grapes, grass, gravel?, Alfalfa, melons, kale?, Clay? gus, Welsh onions? nas, DILG? les onions? accepted, oats, peas, radish, rice, brokers, salads? esnakai, soybeans, sorghum, spinach, sun gr? Zas, tomatoes, tsp? Additionally, g? Knowledge of the ladder? ment of Savoy ladder? ment of wood

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