IHC 1055 V 1.0 MR

IHC 1055 V 1.0 MR 1 IHC 1055 V 1.0 MR 2 IHC 1055 V 1.0 MR

Long awaited, but now is there, the long-awaited IHC 1055th

International Harvester Company
Model 1055 with cockpit cabin
Year: 1982; Engine: 5.9 l with 74KW / 100PS
Maximum speed: 30 km / h
Maintenance costs: € 97 / day
Scale: 1:1

The IHC 1055 featured a 100-horsepower 6-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and was produced from 1977 to 1982 in Neuss, Germany (GER). In this time there were 3,815 tractors of this type with rear-or all-wheel drive from the tape before it was replaced by the 5 hp more than 1056. The 1055 was delivered to the domestic market, as standard with the Fritz Meier cockpit cabin, but the export was made standard without a cabin.

3D Model: Cretan-Iceland
Textures: Cretan-Iceland
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