Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition

Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 1 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 2 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 3 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 4 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 5 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition 6 Hagenstedt Deluxe v 1.1 Forstedition

The Hagenstedt Deluxe is suspect as the name suggests a converted Hagenstedt! This map provides:

– 39 boxes + 2 large and a mini lawn mowing – pastures and small BGA right on the farm – WaterMod (Tend to your animals in addition to water) – pork and beef fattening – shortcut to section 8 and to the freight depot – GülleMistKalk Mod – Multi Fruit (sunflower , oats, rye, and industrial hemp) – seed, fertilizer and lime needs to be purchased. On the farm there are matching storage silos for stock storage. – Fields got curves and are somewhat better adapted to the landscape (This no longer as friendly helpers) – Slaughterhouse on the sale of fattening pigs and cattle is open daily from 6:00 bis 22:00 clock. – Garages and sheds with gates to open (key o) – Weed – Purchasable objects – On Field 6 has a large BGA was built which is obtained when purchasing the field – Mixer stations with rotating and extendable Entladerüssel – Wool Palette collector – stock for straw, grass, silage and chopped added – manure and slurry sale of the Land commercial – manure, straw and Heuverkauf at the garden center – Fillable diesel barrels – Diesel prices change every hour – wash and large petrol stations next to the agricultural machinery dealers – Wither is OFF – Some collisions removed to box the Middle trees

Required Mods:
– GülleMistKalk Mod – http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=29 (The download has to be unpacked and push the zip from the mod folder then in the modfolder..) – MapBuyableObjekts – https:/ / mod-portal.com/forum/filebase/index.php/Entry/339 / – Multi sprayer herbicide Mod (required for weed who can not want to play this mod just go away) – http://www.modhoster.de/ mods / multi sprayer herbicide-mod – Multi fruit Basismod + standard module (Adds Multi fruits in sowing and harvesting machinery as well as in a trailer) – http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multifruit–3 – Transportation for pigs and cattle – tipper for manure (only if dung would be sold) – Slurry Transportation (only if manure would be sold) * Not required force, but to recommend this Krampe_Pack because it can load everything except water, manure or animals on the map.

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