Green River V 1.1

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Welcome to the Green River Card.
This is my second card I made for Farming Simulator 2013.
Here you can find a farmer who wants to be able to sow and harvest more than 60 fields! Or you can go and plant trees and are a lumberjack there is a fairly large forest!
I wish all of you a good time in my new card, Enjoy! Sincerely, Richard

What can you find in the folder;

Main farm with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.
biogas facility
Repository for your crop
Contracter where you can then save woodchips
vehicle shop
Farm shop where you can sell your wool and eggs
Land Transaction where you can sell your crops
With a working dairy milk truck, so you do not bring the milk itself (touch! Do not forget to open the farm for the truck gate)
Bio Heat plans for the sale and storage of your wood chips
Sawmill for your trees to be cut for wood chips
Garde shop where you can sell Grass, Manue and liquid manure
A large forestry
More than 60 fields!


Wheat, Barely, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet,

The crops will not die!

Extra mods!


Lime slurry Mod

Pig Transport

Garant water trailer


I would like to thank all the modders for the use of their objects, buildings, textures ..
I hope I do not remember anyone in my credits, if I forgot you I’m sorry, but thanks to that I can use


Map by building; Richard

Ball bearings – Vertex Design
Tanker Station – chris1988
Land Trade – Eifok Team
Vehicle Shed – Glower15 & ReFFarmer
Street Pack – Fatian
pig stabble – Marhu
Stabble – Luxfarm
D├╝ngerKalklagerBef├╝llbar – Steffen30muc
Street name signs – Nick98.1
Niggels – the forest objects and textures
Machine Shop – Katsuo
Forest Objects – rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertex Design, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax

And all the rest of the modders that I have not mentioned, but I used subject.

It is not allowed to edit the cards and reupload it.
For questions, please contact us.


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