Freidl shuttle v 2.1

Freidl shuttle v 2.1 1 Freidl shuttle v 2.1 2 Freidl shuttle v 2.1 3 Freidl shuttle v 2.1 4 Freidl shuttle v 2.1

Changes compared with the V1:
Helper operation now possible to change weight, now has two metering rollers.
————————————————– ——————————–
The “Freidl Shuttle” is a chopper with overloading bunker for chopped material.
Extras: all-wheel drive, all wheel steering and rear work light, cruise control and hour meter.
The chopper can hineinhäckseln only in his own bunker. Before tube (pipe) extend.
Loading capacity 29000 liters. The bunker can only load into a trailer.
Unloading in the clamp in the feeding trough or in a food storage is not possible.
In order to overcharge the bunker opened and the hopper gate to be opened. See pictures!
To expand the bunker you must turn off the chopper. Due to the fine adjustment of the
Hopper gate you can search and find if the dock icon is not displayed like the trailer.
The key assignment is in Infohud top left of the screen.

Shop price: € 233 000, maintenance costs 233 € / day
Multiplayer yes
Polys: 55000, Total VRAM: 4MB

It is no-cutter! Tested with the KroneEasyCollect1053 and the KroneXDisc of GIANTS.
The mod and the brand “Freidl” are fictitious from me.

It is NOT allowed in modified form to upload the mod somewhere!

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