Famarama V 1.0

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Hi there,
I have the standard map a little altered, the Map’ve built in my imagination.
Construction time: 25h

What is new?
Water Mod
-New Hofsilo
-New Shelter
Scale with statistics function
Digital Silo display
-New silos
Hoftankstelle-filled or even to Order
-New sheepfold
-Food storage
-Pork butcher
Sugar factory

What has Changed?
-The cow pasture was moved to the farm
-The sheep pasture was moved to the farm
BGA was ridiculed lays on a hill
-The farm was converted
-5 Fields were deleted
-1 Field has been added
-This beet and potato camp was moved to a hill

What is coming?
Manure and Mits sale
Devices shop is changed
Cattle fattening
Lining hall with Stepa crane
-New fruit (hops)
Brewery with production
Conveyor belt at the dunghill
-New barriers
-If you still have any ideas dan wrote it but please in the comments

Thank you very warmly to the modders for the great objects.
Important Your benöhtigt the MapDoorTrigger: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mapdoortrigger–10

If you still find errors please Log which I can fix with the V 2.0.
For suggestions for improvement, wishes or criticism (but not: the map is shit you can not, bla bla bla ..) I am VERY grateful.
This is my second Map

FYI: I have not yet adjusted because I think I’m stupid the PDA map: P if an interest and the time has to tell me it dan please get in touch with me you would be happy.

It is forbidden to change the map and re-upload the map may be offered on other sites but only with the original download link. Thank you for your Verstdendniss.
Have fun playing MFG Fareider

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