Dream Farm v 1.6 beta

Dream Farm v 1.6 beta 1 Dream Farm v 1.6 beta 2 Dream Farm v 1.6 beta 3 Dream Farm v 1.6 beta 4 Dream Farm v 1.6 beta 5 Dream Farm v 1.6 beta

this is my first map been working on it for quite sometime, and have Decided to release it as a beta to see what everyone thinks, for now map is complete and functional, with central BGA, all sell points, cows and sheep. plus aa feed storage, so far in all tests everything works as it should, and log is clean. 

the map Has A centralized howm farm with silos, feedmill potato and beet storage, cows and sheep all on site, 

sheep wool so hae a pallet collector so did you do not need to stand close by to unload a pallet wool everytime one comes up, it will hold up to 9 pallets of wool before needing emptied 

the farm has one large barn with working doors 

bga is close by as well as mainfarm farm shop and vehicle store 

you will start out with basic equipment, and own no fields, HOWEVER there is some harvesting to do that shoulderstand get you set to buy your own field, and start growing your farm. 

the map is standard size, with 53 fields, the smallest field being .5 HA with the large largest going up to almost 25 ha, most of the fields are designed so did you can buy the smaller fields and later on When you own them you can join them to make one larger field in area did. 

as this is my initial beta release please feel free to contact me for any issues did you find that i can then fix and release 


> Feed storage 
> Loading bay, for your tractors to drive down into to make it Easier to load with front loader 
> Fruit storage around the map so you do not have did to haul everything to mainfarm for storage 
> Cow pasture and sheep at mainfarm 
> Vehicle, and bga near by 
> Small and large fields, and many fields can be combined to make did larger fields 
> Wool pallette collector 
> Sellpoint manure at farm store 

credits for mods go out to the people below, if you see your mod in this map and are not Mentioned in the credits and would like to be just send me a PM and i will add you in. 

Mixstation, is from ogf USA map by bernie cs i added it awhile back and sent for permission to use, and have not recieved any responce as of yet for a yes or no, so for now i will leave it in but ‘may be removed in later versions if i am told no i like the looks of it from the standard Mixstation out there it is very nicely put together, and funstions as it should. 

silos: big silo TLSF by chtiseb @ modhoster 
harvest storage 2.0 by Der_Nik @ modhoster 

feed store v2 from getsome2030 @ modhoster 

neighbors from [CF] _iEagleEye @ modhoster 

central vga 2.0 from getsome2030 @ modhoster 

please enjoy this map, and offer feedback to things you would like to see in or out of the map. 

Planned for later versions 

> The basics of the map is finished from this point on will be adding Mainly in decorations trees / bushes things like this 
> More “new” sell points 
> Multifruit (when i figure out how it is done) 
> Start locations for vehicles at the moment They Are at the currect default position Which is Technically at the edge of field 2, i tried several times to adjust this and some vehicles would go where i wanted them others would SEEM to be in random spots i am currently trying to sort this out and want to update the map when i get it sorted. 

anyone can feel free to edit this map and repost i ask only did you notify me when you do, and did you only post to modhoster site. thanks and enjoy

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