Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 1 Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 2 Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 3 Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 4 Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0 5 Deutz Fahr 7545 RTS v 1.0

Deutz-Fahr 7545 RTS
He never was one of my favorites, but as I ever am now …. the 7545 RTS. I say it again: lack DF-threshers with chopper I have drangesetzt perforce itself. Because I believe that there are a few gamers who like the brand and think the same as me, I make it available here. I will not make a profession out of it, even here many small naive child wishes á la “Take a XY turn!” Meet.
But to Drescher:
– Chopper (StrawSpec of Templaer) installed: switch with key M,
Added new particle systems for harvesters and grain elevator –
– Tire dust for the ride on fields,
– Installed DynamischerAuspuffqualm (leithner) and RealParticle (Eicher Model) (now he smokes nice when accelerating or changing direction at the headland ;-)
– Sound slightly adjusted (engine, the threshing better now by)
– Replaced the cruel, already LS11-unworthy steering wheel,
– Modified grain tank capacity to 10,500 l (if the Meck-Pomm farmers want to use a 10.20 m-cutting, it is not equal full)
– Grain tank volume is displayed, so you have a view, how far the helper again, while offloading the hanger still on grain silo or other things done
– Something brightened cabin and contoured (here sinks for lack of separate interior texture of each embellishment attempt by amateur means in gross Pixeligkeit) and taken precautions against schmurgelnde, bearings running hot (only practitioners understand ;-)
– Fixed points for particles to Strohschwadablage and Strohhächsler separated and placed a little further for the chopper up and back (finally the straw swath falls in front of the chopper down)
Raycastnode corrected for the new particle systems on the elevator down –
– Turn signal / hazard lights switched with numeric keypad 1,2,3
– Cabin lighting with Numeric Keypad 9

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