Colorful lights v 1.0

bunte-lichter Colorful lights v 1.0 1 Colorful lights v 1.0 2 Colorful lights v 1.0 3

Here is a TUT which describes how a light in the GE Colors.
I invite the TUT high because, CrankrideR had asked the question in the forum as its light gets brighter.
Maybe I can still help others so.
Now on the subject of publishing;
On other pages you can upload forbidding, but not all of them adhere to it, why those who can not make it allowed to upload it on other pages, but the original download link or free and call me as Uhrmodder. That would be fair I think.

Request For Further TUT I’m ready to make even more.

The file is a Microsoft Word 97-2003 (doc) document that should can always open if not do a V2 as a PDF.
No bad comments, if someone does not like my TUT then please vernünpftig in the comment section write what is bad and not just. The TUT is …
I’d stick but also appreciate good :)
MFG; Schnotterbacke

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