Chip storage v 1.0

Chip storage v 1.0 1 Chip storage v 1.0 2 Chip storage v 1.0 3 Chip storage v 1.0 4 Chip storage v 1.0 5 Chip storage v 1.0

This wood chip storage is designed for installation with the Giants Editor. There are 2 separate compartments which can be filled. Each compartment holds 20500 liters, resulting in a total volume of 41000 liters.
An installation manual is included as a PDF file! Since the camp is based on the the Forstmod and uses the same script must be added a l10n text. However, this is all explained in the PDF.

The camp has already built a function that this comes only with the V1.0 from Forstmod. Once this version is released you need the bearing does NOT re-install.


2 compartments, each 20,500 liters

individually filled


Price: – LS €
Upkeep: – LS €
Volume: 20500 Liter = 2x Total: 41000 liters
Polys: 8.3 k polygons (with all triggers and Planning)
Objects in the i3d: 7
Files in rar: 9
File size: 5.21 MB

2xLager Diffuse: 2048 × 42048
2xLager Specular: 2048 × 2048
1x chips Diffuse: 512 × 512

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