Cargo Bull S KO Cool v 1.0

Cargo Bull S KO Cool  v 1.0

Schmitz Cargo Bull S. KO-Cool “Spedition Rossner” Model: Hoschi97; Modifications and Skin: Hoschi97 & LU-Kempf Built-up functions: Lighting V3.1.2 (Sven777b); DrivingParticleSystem (Manuel leithner); WheelParticleSystem (?); MooringBlocks (Geri-G); toggleAnimatedParts (Sven777b). Patch 2.0 or later is required! The Schmitz Cargo Bull S. KO-Cool can be loaded with the following goods: Corn, potatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, cherries, Plums, strawberries, flowers, fish, meat, whiskey, beer, canned food, Bread, sugar, flour, dairy products, meats and baked goods. If one or more of the above items are missing on the recorded Map appear harmless “Warnings” in the log.txt. This has on the game-stability no effect!

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