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Please first read the description, then test the map,
then you can say what you think!

Hello and moin moin! Now it’s so far! After a long wait it’s done:
AGS Map is here.
The map is flat and partly hilly part (my thanks go to Gukbuk)
What do you expect?
There is a lot to do on the map and the distances to the points of sale are long.
Available is a large central courtyard with animal farm, Gem├╝├čehof, BGA, flour mill, hotel, bakery, butcher, brewer, rape factory,
Potato factory, sugar factory, port, mill, biodiesel plant and a sewage treatment plant are also available.
On the animal farm, some animals are present, such as cows, sheep and chickens.
In addition to the pork, and beef cattle, there are horses, rabbits, geese and breeding sheep that you can leave at slaughter. For gets her meat you can then sell it.
There are still some other economic cycles, such as the fries factory (takes potatoes), the canola plant (since you get Diesel, which you can then go to the biodiesel plant). A Kraftfutterwerk is also installed. Force feed her need for fattening animals, as they nehmmen no normal cereal. At the bakery can you sugar, flour, water and rye leave and then gets bread from it.
What you need:

Root crops:
Multi Fruit Mod:–3
For fruit:

So, that was only once by my side!
If you still ask me to find
Or in the TS by ls-mod temple or on the AGS website at
I want to thank all the mods I was able to block.
A big thanks goes to the multiplayer team of AGS.

PS I’ll try find a small mod pack together.

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