AFG Farm V 1.0

AFG Farm V 1.0 1 AFG Farm V 1.0 2 AFG Farm V 1.0 3 AFG Farm V 1.0 4 AFG Farm V 1.0 5 AFG Farm V 1.0 6 AFG Farm V 1.0 7 AFG Farm V 1.0

Welcome to AFG Farm! This is my first big project and I hope you enjoy it just as I enjoyed creating it what.
The map is based on the Hagenstedt map. I have changed some of the things and I have put a lot of functional buildings and interesting objects did you can find on the map. At this moment my map does not contain, any new crops and fruits. You can buy all the field in the main building Which is situaded near the vehicles.
So The map contains mods Which I prefer to use falling on playing on my map.
Please contact me if you find any bugs and errors on the map. I will try to repair all of them as fast as I can. Once again – I hope you enjoy spending your time playing on my map and I wish you all the best!

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